Industrial Design Center - Decade Book of Design

- a g rao

 IDC Decade of Design is the first book which was published by IDC, IIT Bombay. UNIDO-ICSID meeting took place in 1979 at NID and IDC. We planned to bring out all the work done prior to that. We had a magazine called ‘output’; I did the ‘editing and writing’ with some directions coming from Prof. Nadkarni. Four outputs, which had been published, became the starting point for the book. Harikumar Nair, one of our alumni helped in compiling additional visual material. I grouped the products and articulated the guiding thought process. We brought it out in a month’s time, which surprised Prof. Arthur Pulos, who was our UNDP leader! We were using lino type setting, cut and paste for making master. Computers were not yet in use! As a first publication which came out ‘on our design efforts’, it occupies a significant space in design history of India.

Industrial Design Center - A decade of Design Experience