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Aaduko Maaduko

In Kannada Aaduko Maaduko means play and make. Few years back I started a website with this name as it created an intrigue for those who don’t know the language! But it could not be sustained. Education of Children is in a crisis! Design can contribute significantly bringing the pedagogic experience and design skills into design of school level education!

When I returned from USA,in 1981 after my 9month stint in ‘Study of Creativity’ and exposure to persons like prof.Howard Gruber, who had worked with Piaget for many years, I was looking for opportunities to work with Children. J Krishnamurthy’s writings on Education had also left deep impressions on me. I conducted couple of workshops along with colleagues. My venture into this area took a new turn after partnered with a lively organization called ‘Pomagranate Workshop’. Crisis in Craft education brought in a social point of view into these workshops. I was looking for every opportunity to interact with children from lower income groups. Becoming a Phd guide for topics in this area led to lot of learning on my part. I have tried to develop a methodology based on experiential learning and design pedagogy.

I will share my experiences in this area in Aaduko Maaduko.



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