Jagruti-Bamboo Craft Design

In 1993, I was able to organise a national Seminar and a workshop called jagruti.
A small team, Myself, Parag Vyas and Madhavi Kohli managed to organise this unique Seminar and a workshop in which 15 designers. 15craftpersons and 30 students of Design participated. (Late)M.P Ranjan was the key note speaker. All the aspects of Bamboo Craft from raw material to product positioning and Marketing were discussed. Product ideas in 7 categories got converted into bamboo craft products. It took a year to bring out and publish into a book form. I hope to put the digital version in the website soon
A well written review in the INBAR (International Network for Bamboo and Rattan) newsletter by the editor Dr.Ramanja Rao covers the contents vividly.
My article 'An approach to Bamboo Craft ' is from the book 'Bamboo Craft Design'

Inbar Review Bamboo Craft