A seminar was held in Trikaipetta, Wayanad in Kerala in March2017. It was named Bamboo Log (Log in Hindi means people).

Uravu the NGO and Uravu Eco Links the company with social concern have been leaders in Bamboo housing efforts in India.

Interns from architecture and design schools have been playing a significant role with the support they get at Uravu and UEL.

Students of IDC School of Design, IITBombay have been frequent participants. Prof. Lance Rake from USA who had visited

the place along with me later was quite impressed with the efforts being made at UEL and Uravu.

This article is a revised version of appeared in my News Letter8 in the website.

It is time to look at the effects of this Seminar, now after 5years, to evaluate the Bamboo Interventions systematically

to arrive at new Strategies, with the increased relevance of Bamboo for a roe it can play in Climate Crisis of the World.

Bamboo Log:Seminar and Workshop